24 Agents

24 Agents Who Want Your Work

From Writer’s Digest

With more than 1,300 practicing literary agents across the country, what’s an unagented scribe with no industry contacts to do? Where do you start? Who do you query, and how do you go about doing it? If you’re a new writer looking for representation, the submission process can certainly be daunting. Even when you assemble a list of agents who handle your particular category or genre, there’s always the possibility that some of those reps are too busy to take on new clients.

But fear not. We’ve got a special dossier to help you on your journey. Writer’s Digest has again assembled its annual short list of literary agents who’ve confirmed they’re open to reviewing queries from new and established authors alike. This means your work is going to get read and considered. And rest assured there’s an agent on this list for you, no matter what you’re writing.

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